Walk this Way…

Every day we move on foot traversing from point A to B. We walk from parking lots to the entrances of buildings or from building to building. As we move through space, wouldn’t it be great to be able to enjoy the feeling of the outdoors, yet protected under an architectural metal, shingle, polycarbonate, or glass roof?

Imagine walking in extreme weather (rain, snow, even intense sun) on your way to the office, a hospital, school, university an airport, etc.; By the time you enter the building, chances are the harsh weather has already put you in a mood.

So how do we eliminate the concerns and moods caused by weather? Simple answer: cover walkways with dynamic open air steel structures.

Besides shielding us from the elements, covered walkways can offer:

Security through integrated lighting and cameras.

Wayfinding which is how we navigate from place to place with greater ease.

Safety by minimizing rain water and snow build up.

Better experiences before entering a building (being in nature, but not impacted by it).

Walkways are the canvas; how would you like to paint it?

Creative full self expression

To learn more about the project featured above, click here> Zeeland High School