Urban Regeneration

Across North America, communities are reinventing and transforming their ‘city center experience’. The results are attracting both business and urban living.

Life happens in the space between buildings.  Here, we connect, create and recharge.

Architects are taking on new design challenges to bring people together in beautifully purposeful open air urban environments.  The best way to bring people together is to give them a place to socialize, relax and be entertained.

CEAS+ works with architects, contractors and end users to regenerate urban areas… we create destinations. Job specific open air steel structures work well to set the stage for fan pavilions outside inner city stadiums, inviting shaded areas, walkway canopies linking buildings and iconic entrance structures.

Maximizing outdoor covered space is what the Design & Engineering team at CEAS+ does with mastery, 52 years and growing. Let’s explore your vision.

Fresh: Air, Design, Experience.

Open Air Steel Structure applications for Urban Regeneration:
*Trellis Structures
*Walkway Canopies
*Entrance Structures
*Covered Performance Spaces
*Outdoor Dining Areas
*Transit Stations

Achieving an urban renaissance is about creating the quality of life and vitality that makes urban living desirable. We must bring about a change so that towns and cities become and remain attractive places in which to live, work, and socialize.”  Lord Richard Rogers, Architect, 2015 ULI Nichols Prize Recipient