Time is Money

A trend we are following in the A&D community is speed of construction. Tight deadlines require buildings to be finished quickly, resulting in contractors feeling the pressure both in time and money.

Look around. Most new buildings have entrance & walkway canopies or open air steel structures for shade. Conventionally, these structures take a lot of time and effort to install (welding, inspections, painting, etc.) all with high install costs and not so high quality. CEAS+ structures simplify install.

All CEAS+ pre-engineered project specific structures feature an ‘automobile’ powder coat paint finish with ‘erector set’ ease of installation through hidden bolted connections. This allows canopies to be installed fast.

No more site welding and painting means big savings through the reduction of install trades. Everything arrives to site as a kit of parts and for open air steel structures, this is a breakthrough in the industry.

Case in Point:

We recently completed a project in which included a 23’x 51′ entrance canopy adjacent to a 16′ x 60′ trellis for a new senior living center. The general contractor estimated $62,000 to for labor and equipment rental required to install the structures. In addition, 15 days were allocated. Both CEAS+ structures arrived to site ready to simply be bolted together. No welding and no painting meant the structures were erected in just 5 days. The CEAS+ system saved the contractor $44,500!

Because of the savings and the impressive quality of finish, the owner of the senior living center is using this model of construction for additional properties they are developing. This allows for consistency of brand, service offering, price and quality. A win-win for all.

Got Canopies?

If you have a project where you need to cover a space or make a statement, let us know. We are happy to have a look at it and show you how the CEAS+ system can achieve your design intentions and save money.

Rapid installation. Architectural Welds. Beautiful Finish.