The Modern Day Trellis

Trellis open air steel structures are not products.  Each structure starts from a concept created by an architect or designer and is brought to life by CEAS+. We often get asked – can you do timber or aluminum trellis’?  The answer is no – we specialize in structural tube steel. For 52 years, out of Holland, Michigan, trellis structures and other steel canopy designs are created.

The benefit of structural tube steel is lifespan.  Wood needs to be stained/sealed frequently – tube steel is durable and with a 10 year warranty on the frame and powder coat finish, concerns are eliminated. Steel also allows us to span long spaces and work on complex designs.

Offering shade, fresh air and an interesting effect with shades as sun passes through the latilla, trellis structures have been a part of architecture since the early 19th Century.  While historically they were used in Europe to grow roses, today they are used for walkways, rooftops, markets, entrances, urban regeneration, communal spaces – you are limited only by imagination.

CEAS+ works with architects, designers and contractors to realize your vision.  Our DEFI Convention process includes the Design, Engineering, Fabrication, and in some markets turn-key Installation.

We love Julia Morgan’s famous quote: “Architecture is Visual Art, and the Buildings Speak for themselves.”  Trellis structures are truly visual art, creating spaces with eye catching design, while adding a level of intricacy and detail outside any building.

It starts with a sketch…