Stylish Wayfinding

Today’s stadiums can be difficult to navigate because they are more than just a stadium, they are a village created to give visitors an all day experience. The stadium works as a hub surrounded by restaurants, retail shops, hotels, and office space. Their large scale and layout may confuse visitors and make entry points harder to find. CEAS+ structures are designed to grab attention, enhance surrounding architecture, and help guide fans throughout the venue. Wayfinding is important, it directs visitors where to go and creates places to meet. Make your entrance easy to find with an eye catching design.

Create a design that grabs attention.

Open Air Steel Structures are an innovative and streamlined way to create canopies, trellises, and walkway covers to complement your design. Guide your guests with walkway covers and make your entrance easy to spot in both a practical and artistic way.

CEAS+ structures are designed and engineered specifically for your site. Let’s start with a sketch and then we’ll handle everything, all the way through the rapid installation.

It’s all in the details.