Our unique designs complement your space and surroundings, while providing innovative solutions that enhance any outdoor environment. Whether you want a structure that draws attention, is the focal point or just a place for a crowd to gather, CEAS+ can help you accomplish your vision. We are an extension of your design team and will help guide you through the entire process, from first napkin sketch to final design.


We understand that engineering is a vital component to the success of a project. Our structures are engineered to handle high wind and heavy snow load conditions. While the CEAS+ streamlined process saves you time, it also ensures that your design will be cost effective and within budget. We do not outsource. We have structural engineers on staff that can work with all disciplines and understand the building code requirements in all geographic locations. As with the design process, you work directly with our engineering team to guarantee that your project requirements are met.


The fabrication process starts with attention to detail. We work hard to make sure everything is exactly how you want it. We use Poli-5000, the most durable powder coat frame finish available, a multi-step process using epoxy primer and Super Durable TGIC topcoat, to ensure that your new structure’s appearance meets your specifications. Our standard and custom color offerings allow you to design a shelter that can complement nearby structures or completely stand out. CEAS+ is supported by multiple fabricator certifications throughout the United States, and every component is inspected at our facility in Holland, MI by our quality control department before packaging. The inspected components are then shipped on flatbed trucks to your specified location to be installed.


Our team of professionals works with the architect through the completion of the construction documents, at which point we can provide budgetary installation costs to make sure your project will come in on budget. We create project-specific installation drawings so the contractor can easily and properly install our structures, even without any prior experience with CEAS+. We are available to answer any questions you may have during the permitting process, to attend construction meetings and conference calls, and address any comments or concerns that may develop from inspectors. We also coordinate delivery schedules with contractors and will assist in resolving any issues that may arise, regardless of the cause or the issue. Our dedicated team is with you every step of the way, from first sketch to finished product.