University of Alabama

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is proud of it’s brand new student residence hall. At the entrance of the building is an iconic cantilevered trellis over an outdoor sitting area. The sitting area is shaded by criss crossed steel beams, trusses and latilla offering an abundance of shade and an interesting pattern with shadows.

The trellis measures 30′ x 25′, standing tall at 18′ on one end. One of the benefits of tube steel is the ability of hiding electrical wiring inside the steel frame – this structure features lighting for nighttime usage and security.

Carolyn Farley, Director of Academic and Student Service Operations for UAB, recently spoke about the need for spaces like this where students could come together to socialize and collaborate in teams on projects. Communal open air environments are important for learning and community. The trellis is a key architectural feature for the new residence hall.

CEAS+ was responsible for realizing the architect’s vision through our DEFI process: Design, Engineer, Fabricate and Install. We make open air steel structures easy and beautifully unique.