Logo Inspired Canopy

The Yulista airport hangar entrance canopy is like no other in the world. Beginning with a vision and a sketch, CEAS+ joined forces with Nola | Van Peursem ArchitectsCPI Daylighting, and WSNielsen to create an iconic canopy that incorporated Yulista’s logo. The team worked to “fine line” levels of detail on the project to ensure that the canopy lined up exactly with the seam of the wall it was flashing up against.

Yulista’s canopy features a beautifully engineered tapered steel “swish” effect at the radius. Double columns and a creative “deflector” rain screen are integrated into the canopy to protect employees from rain spray as they enter the building. The roof features CPI Daylighting U-lite polycarbonate roof system in reflective gray for light transmission. The bright red frame was expertly color matched and powdercoated with Poli-5000 to provide a superior level of protection, durability, and quality.