Buehler Home

Since 1932, the Buehler Home in Peoria, IL has been recognized as one of the region’s top rated retirement lifestyle communities. Residents of the new West Wing are welcomed by a fan shaped meet & greet canopy over sailing a covered walkway to the entrance.

The open air steel walkway structure with its polycarbonate roof measures 12’ x 40′ offering 12’ clearance, while the fan shaped canopy measures 20’ x 70’ with 18’ clearance. Both structures create an iconic entrance which is bold, beautiful and functional.

CEAS+ designed, engineered and fabricated a canopy system with powder coated steel and polycarbonate roofing which was installed fast, saving money. The new entrance offers a place for residents to be outdoors, out of the rain/snow and protected from hot sunlight.

Residents are impressed and extremely pleased with the natural ambient day lit covered space.