The Art of Shade

Some things just lend themselves to going together… like peanut butter & jelly, chips & salsa, and now CEAS+ & Parasoleil.

CEAS+ brings 50+ years experience in the niche field of Open Air Steel Structure, while Parasoleil has 12 years working with laser cut aluminum panels. The two companies have joined forces and it’s a winning combination.

How does it work?

If you have a project and you’d like to explore a canopy which offers shade, fresh air ventilation and beautiful shade/patterns, send us your concept/sketch. From there, we will start the DEFI (Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation) process, discuss your project and get the ball rolling to offer you a budget and preliminary drawings.

Pick a Pattern:

Parasoleil offers 35 standard designs inspired by nature, cultural shapes and contemporary patterns… and yes, they can do custom. Find a pattern you like, CEAS+ will work on the powder coated steel frame and connection details.

Does it have to be a canopy?

No, Parasoleil laser cut aluminum panels can be mounted vertically in a CEAS+ powder coated steel frame and used as a partition or screen to hide or conceal.

Email us your concept, dimensions and tell us about your project: