Let the Sun Shine

Open Air Steel Structures have the ability to set the tone for buildings, shaping our feelings and emotional state before we even enter the space. No one likes walking under a dark canopy which feels like a cave – we desire natural light and openness.

While architects create inspiring and functional spaces, they can also influence mood through design.Think about how you feel when you’re outside on a glorious sunny day: energized, happy, healthy.What if you could design canopies in a way that connects end users to nature and daylight? You can. This is known as biophilic design and the roof material to achieve this is polycarbonate.

Innovative polycarbonate is on trend as the new glass alternative; it’s an excellent way to bring day lighting to canopies of all sizes and applications without the weight, cost and maintenance of glass. Originally used for garden sheds and greenhouses, today’s architectural polycarbonates are extremely durable (resistant to hail storms and turning yellow), used on commercial projects of all sizes.

When you design canopies with a lightweight and durable roof system, you have the ability to expand creative possibilities with shape and form, saving money on unnecessary steel columns and expensive foundations.

Polycarbonate roofing allows end users of CEAS+ Open Air Steel Structures to truly feel connected to nature, yet protected from the elements.

Ambient, natural daylighting.