It Starts with a Sketch

We are all busy. The speed at which life and business is moving is shocking and that’s true for your clients too.  People want things now. Simplicity and quality are mission critical.

Until now, if you’ve had to design a covered space for a client, you’ve had to handle the coordination and sourcing of everything: engineers, drafters, estimators, steel fabricators, roofing suppliers, welders, painters and inspectors.

Is this really where you want to spend your time?

There is a better way to do this. It’s called DEFI (Design, Engineer, Fabricate, Install). It starts with a sketch and from there, we handle everything else, delivering a finished canopy… with very little effort from you.

As an architect, you provide the initial sketch. From there CEAS+ handles the following:

1.       Preliminary drawings

2.       Budget pricing

3.       Dynamic pricing (as the design evolves, so does the price, this keeps you informed)

4.       Engineered, sealed & stamped drawings (in the state where the structure is being installed) for the roof, frame and foundations

5.       Shop drawings

6.       Fabrication and powder coating of the steel

7.       Delivery of the roof, frame, connection components and installation instructions.

8.       A structure with hidden connections, which requires no field welding, painting or inspections

This is a single point accountability process giving architects and contractors back time; making the process fast and seamless.

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