The CEAS+ approach to open air steel structure manufacturing and construction provides cost advantages throughout all phases of your project. On-staff engineers, design software, rapid manufacturing, and efficient process all lead to realized financial savings.


CEAS+ has leveraged 50 years of experience to eliminate costly uncertainties, including schedule delays, wen compared with conventionally constructed canopies.


Because i’ts durable, recyclable, and requires less maintenance. Engineered to perform, designed to impress, built for a lifetime.

Your Design

Write- up here about collaboration….

Our Experience

Write-up here about experience…

Carol Stream Elementary Canopy was our first experience with CEAS+ and it was very successful.  CEAS+ is a one stop shop.  They were involved and collaborative throughout the entire process.  Starting with weekly preliminary design sessions, to engineering, then to fabrication and  installation.  Seamless process, and the end product is now being enjoyed by the school district, teachers, students, and parents.


Not only does CEAS+ collaborate with the designer to create engaging spaces, but they understand the core value of building long-term relationships with designers and the end-users.

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