Define Your Space: Planes

As our inner city architectural landscapes tighten in around us, we find ourselves spending more time in the space between space. So the question becomes, how do we define space, make it interesting, engaging and functional?

The answer is structural steel planes.

Vertical columns, horizontal beams and latilla are used in Open Air Steel Structures to create one of the simplest architectural designs used to define an area, planes.

As we move under and through a structure, we view the elegant clean lines of powder coated tube steel, we see length, width and height. Our mind’s eye uses this information to define the space. We add volume and have an experience. All of this happens in nano seconds and most of the time we are not even aware we are doing it.  This is the beauty of our mind and also the genius behind architect’s ability to create an experience through design. 

Rooftops, courtyards, walkways, entrances, this is the canvas for Open Air Steel Structures. Besides being beautiful, there is greater economy in fabricating steel structures in flat planes than when you introduce a radius.

Economic simplicity of design.